SSF / Super-Soft-Foam Kit (Dye I4)

Dye I4

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SSF / Super-Soft-Foam Kit (Dye I4)

Dye I4

High quality upgrade- / replacement foam kit for all Dye I4 Paintball goggles.

The SSF (Super-Soft-Foram) goggle foam kit is made from 3 different strong lyers with a 4th self gluing layer for easy installation.

With the installation of the SSF kit it becomes much more confortable to wear your goggle. The super soft microfiber surface is very gentle to the face skin. The multilayered construction with different strong and soft foams gives you much more wearing comfort.

Product details of the SSF foam kit:

1. layer: Medium strength EVA hardfoam to absorb the impact energy of an impinging paintball round.

2. layer: Breathable soft-filter-foam for gentle wearing comfort. Takes sweat and paint on and locks them in the foam

3. layer: Super-soft and breathable microfiber surface for optimised wearing comfort and a good feeling on the face skin. no scratching and itching anymore.

4. layer: Self-gluingĀ  layer for easy installation.

The Dynamic Sports Gear SSF Kit is the only paintball goggle foam kit which can be installed without any additional glue. Its an easy plug and play installation. There is no bad smell, no rests of glue, no skin or material irritation by glue, or any other problems during installation.

Quality Made in Germany!

The Dynamic Sports Gear SSF Kits are 100% developed, produced and packed in Germany under highest industrial quality standarts and by using best available materials.

Article number: DSGI4SFKI4